25 April 2015


With ZAYMA – Communication with Compassion I am offering a complete program to support you on your path towards personal leadership. To move beyond a feeling of no control to being fully in charge of your own life. From emotional slavery to emotional freedom. From reactiveness to pro-activeness. This process can be broken down into four steps.

1. Awareness: Using the communication model you will learn the basics and gain clarity about what kind of communication creates distance and which communication promotes connection. With either adults or children.

2. Self compassion: With a solid base knowledge and awareness we can start to deepen our skills with the model while practicing on ourselves. You will learn how to first connect with yourself before you start to communicate your vulnerability in a safe way. To have compassion with others, we will first learn how to be compassionate with ourselves. With self compassion we can free ourselves of old habits and patterns that don’t serve us anymore. We will start to see our own humanity, which is an important condition before we can start to connect to the humanity of others.

3. Self management: With the tools and skills to work on ourselves, stay in our power and connect compassionately to ourselves we can now safely and vulnerably express ourselves to others and start an authentic dialogue. We will practice conflict resolution from a place of authenticity and connection. When we love ourselves unconditionally we can remain respectful and loving in the most challenging conflicts and parenting situations.

4. Integration: The integration year course is all about embodying the principles and integrating Nonviolent Communication into our lives. We will make the last step from “acting nonviolent” to “being nonviolent” by living together for a few weekends as a small Nonviolent Communication community. Empathy buddies, sociocratic decision making processes, group work, meditation, body work, healthy food… and 24/7 living and breathing Communication with Compassion! This will give you an opportunity to experience how it can be to live your daily life in the consciousness of Nonviolent Communication so you can develop the confidence to start integrating it more and more in your daily life.

Training programme