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Advanced Course: Compassion in Conflicts

You have awareness of what works and what doesn’t in your communication and are experiencing more connection with yourself and your personal boundaries. Yet in a conflict you might still easily lose your inner peace. Your thinking starts to revolve around what the other is doing wrong and you lose connection to what you really want and need, so you end up in a win/lose situation or compromising. In my experience, with Nonviolent Communication it is possible to reach solutions that benefit all parties, even in the midst of conflict. This is the third part of the complete training program and the final step toward emotional freedom, where you are able to stay loving and emphatic with the other person while staying connected to your own feelings and needs.

Who? INTERMEDIATE: For everybody who has followed one of the intermediate courses or a similar (self-)empathy course and wants to continue to develop and learn with others.
Fee A choice, based on your own free will and income: Between € 150,- en € 300,- (for 4 workshops, including coffee, tea, reader, handouts and 21% VAT). Companies pay a fixed tariff of € 300,- excl. VAT.
Registration To book your place, I ask a non-refundable prepayment of € 25,-. The rest of the payment, you are asked to pay within a week after the very end of the course (we like people to pay when they know what they pay for, so that payment is more connected to gratitude than obligation. If you prefer paying it earlier, this is welcome as well.
Time In 4 weekly sessions on a weekday from  19:00 – 22:00 or On 3 saturday afternoons from 13:00 – 17:00.
Location Zayma in Rotterdam-Alexander or on location for private groups upon your request.

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