23 April 2015

Private sessions

  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • Suffering from depression, frustration, doubt, pain?
  • Are you looking for your inner strenght?
  • Finding it hard to make a decision?
  • Would you like to reflect on parenting challenges?
  • Private lessons in Communication with Compassion?

I can support you in this with private empathy sessions. Empathy is respectful and deep listening to what the other person is sharing and experiencing with the intent to fully understand their point of view. The presence that is needed to give empathy is not easy to develop. Instead of understanding we are often quick to analyse, offer advice or try to fix things. While empathy requires you to put your complete attention on the message of the other person. The objective is not to offer quick fix solutions but to hold time and space for the other to fully express what is alive in them and be really understood.

This kind of emphatic listening has a healing effect on both old and new emotional pain. Making it possible to free yourself and others from decisions based on fear or anger, which often blocks us from experiencing personal freedom, choice and self-confidence. Empathy helps us to come up with creative strategies that are grounded in a new paradigm; one of joy and connection. Deep listening can bring clarity to the way you receive, feel and react; it brings clarity to yur life goals, heals wounds and restores your dignity. While someone is holding space for you, your own imagination and creativity can flourish so that solutions present themselves naturally.

During an empathy session, you will receive space for what is alive in you and I will be present with you with my heart open. I will listen thoroughly for the humanity in your words, your human desires. I will let you tell your story, tune in on your experience in the moment and reformulate your deepest feelings and needs. This often leads to clarity about the heart of your message. Clarity that gives new insight or a sense of relief. After which you will have more space and inner peace and be able to move on. Most of all, a private empathy session is a place of sincere presence with you so that you can be fully heard.

“When I was at loose end, unable to be the kind of mother I wanted to be, and I had no idea what to do or where to go with all this pain and anxiety in me, I mostly just tried to grin and bear it. The only ways I knew how to handle my feelings were to dump them on others (rage) or take them out on myself (depression). Thanks to Nonviolent Communication, I finally met people who listened to me with open arms and open hearts, even when what I was sharing was full of pain, fear or anger. Sometimes for hours on end. In all those hours, I was finally able to meet my pain and fears instead of pushing them down or seeking distraction from them. And this brought me such clarity! Now I experience a lot more inner peace and feel safer in this world and my interactions with other people. Because I now trust that there are always people who are willing and able to listen to me compassionately. And I have a strong desire to share this experience with as many people as I can.”

~ Astara Lieuw-On

Who? Anybody, even if you have no experience with Nonviolent Communication.
Fee The first session / intake is free of charge so we can get acquainted. After that, to care for my joy in giving to you I ask a contribution between € 25,- and € 75,- incl. 21% VAT (your choice depending on income and free will). However, I would not want money to be an obstacle to ask for support. Please let me know if my fee is a problem for you, so we can start a dialogue and search for other ways you can contribute to me in exchange for empathy.
Time A private session usually takes about one hour to one hour and a half.
Location A private session can be face to face at Zayma, via Google Hangouts, Facetime and Skype or by telephone.